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environment where authentic relationships are formed. Our Mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

strives to create a Christian 


  • Can I still join?
    Yes! As long as we have space we will continue to add college age individuals to the Acts Community. We would love to connect with you.
  • How do I apply?
    To apply for the Acts Community simply email the completed application found on our Acts Community page. Once we receive your application we will conduct a background check and contact you with next steps. We will accept applications until all 38 spots are filled. Please send us the application as soon as possible.
  • What guidelines are being followed related to COVID-19? If you have or have been exposed to COVID-19 we will require you to quarantine 14 days prior to arriving at camp. Please see CDC or Texas DSHS for guidelines if you have or think you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • Who will my roommate be?
    We are collecting applications now. Our program director will be reaching out to you as soon as you submit your application. If you are applying and wish to choose your roommate, please notify us when you submit your application. Do you know who you want your roommate to be? Apply together! Roommate will be same gender.
  • What about food on the weekends?
    We will not provide food service on Saturday or Sunday. There will be a community fridge and microwave in the common space. Participants are also permitted to bring their owen mini-fridge and microwave for their cabin. Participants will be on their own for food on the weekend. There is also a grill available for the Acts Community participants.
  • Tell me more about the Cabins and the Community Space...
    Participants will be two to a cabin. We have 19 cabins on site. Each participant will have their own toilet, shower, and sink. The cabins will continue to house all of the bunk beds that are traditionally in the cabin, but participants are permitted to arrange the beds however is most comfortable. Our cabins do not have closets. Participants are permitted to bring personal belongings. There are two spaces for the community. One will be a "quiet" space for online learning, studying, tutoring. We have upgraded our internet to handle all 38 participants being online and streaming at one time. The other community space will be for community "hangout". In this space we will include a fridge and microwave for community use and there will be plenty of space to maintain social distancing. Both Community Spaces are open 24/7 to the participants. Both community spaces will be set up to maintain social distancing protocols.
  • Can I leave site?
    Yes. Some of our participants will have a job they must leave site to attend, some will have hybrid classes, and there could be a number of reasons a participant would leave site.
  • What does a typcial day look like?
    You are the one that determines what your day will look like. We will have a time for daily prayer and scheduled meal times, but other than those two activities the rest of the time is for you and the community. Other than daily prayer, we will not be programming your day. It may help to imagine it as renting an apartment, but we are providing food service. Participants will have a variety of schedules based on their own classes or job.
  • Where do I do laundry?
    This is up to you. We do not have laundry service available at Glen Lake Camp. We are next door to a laundromat that many of our Summer Staff choose to use every summer.
  • Do I need renter's insurance?
    The camp's insurance will cover the structure. You are responsible for your own belongings.
  • Will the WiFi be strong enough?
    Yes. WiFi is availble in our community spaces and it is strong enough to handle all participants streaming video at one time.
  • What is the visitor policy?
    Participants are allowed to have day guests. Guests are not allowed in common spaces and may not stay overnight. Guests are not included in the meals. We are a large camp facility with plenty of outdoor space.
  • Can I find a job in Glen Rose?
    When driving through Glen Rose you will notice "Now Hiring" signs in the windows of many businesses. A google search will be a great start to see all of the opportuntities for employment in Glen Rose.
  • Will this be offered next semester?
    Not at this time. During the Fall and Spring semesters the camp is usually full of 14,000 retreat guests. We have the unique opportuntiy this semester, as many of our groups for the Fall have moved their retreats to 2021, to offer space for the Acts Community.
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