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strives to create a Christian 

environment where authentic relationships are formed. Our Mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Our first ever College Trivia Night will be held Tuesday, November 10th at 9:00pm. College-aged students are invited to join us for what will most certainly be the best night of the year! Gather your team and get ready to compete to show everybody you and your friends are at the top - when it comes to who knows the most useless facts. Prizes will be awarded, based on a point system, that leans heavily towards random. Our first place team will go down as the winner’s of the first-ever Glen Lake Camp College Trivia Night! 

GATHER your team. Teams will consist of 2 to 6 participants (teammates can gather together, or compete together virtually...).
SECURE the night of Tuesday, November 10th, beginning at 9:00pm (you may want to be early).
THEN, wait until
TEAM REGISTRATION WEEK (November 1-10) and yes we know that is a little more than a week, but it’s 2020, so go with it.
REGISTER your team on registration week. Registration shuts down at 4:00pm on November 10th.
THE NIGHT OF… gather with your team and get ready to compete. Our competition will take place over ZOOM. So, you can gather wherever you want, just make sure your team can be seen and heard on Zoom. You will answer questions as they come on Zoom, the team with the most points throughout the night will win! 
CELEBRATE your victory, or watch the victors celebrate and we believe you can do better in the future. We love you. 

We will start here, because we know you want to know!
Random (and secret) Prizes throughout the night will be awarded.
Champion Prizes
Even prizes for the least trivial team… 


We will gather at 9:00pm on ZOOM. Zoom links will be provided to the team leader prior to the event.
4 Rounds, each with 4,000 points possible per round. 

Questions will be asked over zoom by our HOST.
Teams will answer all questions (and then turn then submit them to our judges). 

Judges will tally between each round.
In the event of a
tie (and it will probably happen).
A single “question” will be asked to break the tie. 


Got to be honest with you, points are a little bit random, but you will love it, and we are always fair!
Points will be awarded for…
Each question you get right (questions will have different weights).

Including someone on your team who has already applied for Summer Staff 2021.

Including someone on your team who has never worked at Glen Lake Camp, but might be interested.

Best Non-Virtual Background.

Extra Points because you read this... email Patrick (his email is on this website) with your team name and the phrase "I want those sweet sweet extra points" and get an additional 200 points before the game even begins! 
Random points will be awarded, because you deserve them! 

Bonus points for team costumes (let’s get weird).


There are no rules...
No, there are always rules. Here they are...
Teams must be 2-6 people, no more, no less.

Judges have final ruling in all cases. No appeals here! 
Team Members must be College-Aged. Old enough to be in College. 
No Cell Phones, Computers, or "life-lines" to help answer questions (we will be on the honor system.
Integrity is important). If you don't know, you don't know, just put an answer, it may be right?

Team must register during registration week.
There must be a winner.



Having some fun with friends.

Meeting some new people.
Random Prizes. 

Learn about opportunities for you from your friends at Glen Lake Camp. And we have a lot! 

And you have made it through a lot of information if you are reading this... Good job! I think you are ready for the Trivia Night of your life, or at least for a fun time with us on November 10th! 




If you have questions about our Summer Staff, questions about the application process, or would like to talk with us about applying, please contact our Program Director, Patrick Turkett,

P. 254-897-2247

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